Miracles and Wonders
A message in a dream
People communicate with God in different ways, or maybe what I really mean is that
God communicates with each of us in a way that we can accept and understand. For
me, I hear God through my dreams. Now, I don't mean any new-age dream
interpretation where dreaming about mashed potatoes means you will have financial
problems. When I have a meaningful dream, it is very vivid, I experience strong
emotions and have clear thoughts, then I wake up remembering every detail and
knowing exactly what the message was.

So let me share the first time that I had one of these dreams, but first I have to give you
a background story in order to set the stage.

I found out that the lump on my neck was cancerous on the day before my sister was
to coming up to visit me. We try to see each other every couple of months, and we
usually have a great time together.  Unfortunately, for this visit we spent most of the
time seeing doctors, going in for tests, or waiting for results.  Anyway, the day after I
found out about having cancer, I went to the oncologist who told me there is a primary
source of the cancer somewhere other than my neck but the precise location was still
unknown. Might be in my lungs or breasts or wherever.  He then does a routine exam
and as soon as he presses down on my abdomen, it's like "hello, what is this!?!?". He
feels a large hard lump that he guesses is the size of a softball, which leads his to
speculate that it's probably an ovarian cancer. On the drive home, Chuck, my sis, and I
talked about how totally unbelievable it is that I have this strange large mass in my
abdomen and I didn't notice it nor did my regular gynecologist when she gave me my
annual exam a few months earlier or did a biopsy on a benign polyp just a few weeks
ago. So I said, "It's like that old saying ... well ... how does it go? ... um ... oh, you
know ... something is in the room and nobody notices" but I can't think of the exact
expression.  After a few more minutes of this, my  sis comes up with:  "It's the
elephant in the room that no one is talking about". We all agreed that that was it and that
none of us had heard this expression in years.

A couple of nights later, I have this wonderful dream - almost like a vision.  It was
unlike any dream I had ever had before because it was very vivid, lasted only a few
minutes and it had a beginning and an end that told a complete story. In the dream I'm
aware that I have cancer (!!) and all the little details in the scene are very accurate.  
When the dream starts Chuck is driving his Honda CR-V and I'm in the passenger seat.
We're driving down an otherwise deserted road, but it seemed perfectly normal.  I look
out my side window and I see these dark objects flying one after the other toward the
road ahead of us almost like they're following a track.  First, I'm thinking these are large
birds and I can tell that they are going to hit us.  The first one hits square in the middle
of the passenger side, and I'm surprised to see that it's a baby elephant.  The impact
causes the car to slow way down, and Chuck is trying his best to swerve the car to
safety, but there's a railroad track ahead and he's struggling just to keep control. Now I
can see that more of these flying objects are coming at us and the next one is coming
right at us and is so large that it will surely crush us.  But right beyond the railroad track
just in front of us is an old gray tree with smooth bark and strange white spotted areas.
It has just two branches that reach toward the sky like out stretched arms.  Chuck
manages to pull the car under the tree just as the elephant arrives, but we aren't crushed
because the tree's branches divert the elephant just enough so that it lands right in front
of us and  I think "we're safe, we're safe".  Then I woke up.

I'm convinced that the elephants represented my cancer (I found out later that I had
two masses in my abdomen, one of which was much larger than the other), the road
represented Chuck's and my journey through life, the railroad an obstacle that we had to
cross, and the tree was God keeping us safe under his loving arms. All the details for
the elephants, the road, our car and everything else were very realistic and seemed
completely familiar, only the tree was unlike anything I had ever seen before. The
memory of this dream comforted me many times as I came to terms with my diagnosis
because I am convinced that God gave me that dream to comfort me and tell me that
I'm going to be okay.